This tune was written for his second wife - Margaret Urquhart. There is a persistent story that in fact his "second wife" was his beloved fiddle - which was damaged. Personally I prefer the more obvious explanation for the tune's title.
Niel Gow's lament on the death of his second wife
About the tune.
Niel Gow was born in Strathbraan on 22nd March 1727 and grew up in the village of Inver, by Dunkeld. His music is representative of the more stately East of Scotland tradition.

Niel was essentially a self-taught musician, though at the age of thirteen he did receive some instruction, from John Cameron of Grantully. He undoubtedly had a flair for fiddling and was an admired and respected exponent of the art by the time he was twenty.

Niel Gow travelled extensively throughout Scotland , performing in most major towns and cities at parties and balls in the grand homes of the wealthy. Such was his reputation, he was always in great demand, and nowhere more so than on his home ground, where he would regularly be called upon to perform at Dunkeld House and at Blair Castle for the Duke and Duchess of Atholl.
Niel Gow's lament on the death of his second wife.
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