A-nochd gur faoin mo chadal dhomh
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The title roughly translates as "tonight my sleep will be restless". The tune is from a man's love song to a girl by the name of Iseabail D˛mhnallach ( Isobel MacDonald). This night he finds his sleep is restless and cannot stop thinking of her, as is often the case.

This lovely melody appears in the Patrick MacDonald collection of 1784. The notation somewhat "tidies up" the tune to its detriment. In my view it helps to know the words to bring it to life a little. Playing the tune strictly "by the dots" would result in a fairly boring experience.

Here is the first verse as it appears (in somewhat old fashioned Gaelic) in "The Harp of Caledonia" a collection of Gaelic songs which was published in Glasgow in the 19th century.

A-nochd gur faoin mo chadal dhomh,
Sior acain na'm beil uam,
Do Chomunn le deadh chaoimhnealachd,
Dh'fhag mo o 'n raoir fo ghruaim,
Gur tric mi ann an aisling leat,
Gach uair da 'n dean mi suain;
Trom-osnaich 'nuair a dh¨isgeas mi,
Air bhi a t-ionndrainn bh' uam.
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