The title of this tune means "Will you leave with me young maiden ?" The melody is a bridal song from Tiree which has been adapted as a waltz. If played for dancing it has to be in strict waltz time. The way I play it is for listening - so the timing is more free and influenced by the words of the Gaelic song.
Am falbh thu leam a ribhinn g ?
John McAlpine
This is a great catchy Strathspey version of a tune which can also be heard as a march or reel when "smoothed out". The tune is also used for a couple of songs.
Click on the note icon below to listen to the tunes. The first three are acceptable as performance pieces for the RCS Grade 1 Trad. Fiddle exam.
Ness Bothan
A foot tapping jig written by the legendary West coast musician Fergie MacDonald.
Stad ! a Mhiri bhanarach
This is the tune from a popular puirt beul reel. The title means "Stop ! Mary the milkmaid".
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Here is a selection of the types of tune which we will be learning in the beginners group. Where you see a treble clef icon you can click for sheet music.
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